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Iron Rails typically have several models

Edit: Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd    Date: Jan 15, 2016

Iron rails are generally what are styles? This is very important for user to select only understand their style, to know how to choose. Nanjing iron fence small sums up the six points about iron fence style, see. 

1, laminated glass barriers (glass above the handrail) using a stainless steel column and A3 steel column, column accessories lock glass, glass uses the 6+6 safety clip glass, stainless steel tube armrest featuring glass as the main accessory, more modern styles, suitable for transparent buildings and upscale shopping malls and other public places. 

2, glass guardrail and handrail the Middle glass pendants, glass smaller, focused columns, simple sense is particularly strong, suitable for most modern garden balcony railing. 

3, wire fence posts, wire clip 12CM the interval, for security reasons, balcony railings with steel bar, kid easy climbing, security is not high, the majority of wire fence stairs and footbridges and other public places. 

4, wire mesh fence post steel mesh connection between security, do not facilitate cleaning, suitable for public places as the bezel, transparent performance is not high, but it is a movement. 

5 modern construction parts made of aluminum alloy, aluminum fence posts and Rails, aluminum compared to the traditional, single color, shapes are more styles change. 

6, wrought-iron railings wrought iron railings feels more classical and varied, spend more, old style, with the promotion of modern architecture, wrought iron Rails to use more, it's a trend in society. 

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