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PVC fence post installation should pay attention to several problems when

Edit: Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd    Date: Jan 15, 2016

When the construction unit in PVC guardrail construction, accurate drawings of various facilities, in particular embedded in subgrade of the exact location of the pipeline, in the course of construction does not allow any damage to underground facilities. When the fence posts when not having the depth and column must not be pulled out corrections, must be at the Foundation of dynamic compaction and then enter, or adjust the column position. Approaching the depth should be controlled during construction of hammer.

We know: PVC guardrail of to PVC for material, also to joined must volume of stable agent, and anti-impact modified sex agent, and coloring agent, and fill agent, and anti-UV, additives, by high temperature extrusion into profile, again through cutting, and welding of way made frames, and doors, and window frames, and sash, again distribution Shang oak plastic sealed article, and tops, and hardware pieces, annex and made door and window. To increase the strength and stiffness of doors and Windows, over a length of molding cavity domestic demand joined with steel.

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