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Storm weather, selected for home aluminum Windows and doors is very important!

Edit: Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd    Date: Jan 15, 2016

1, aluminum Windows and doors of windproof performance

Wind-proof performance are important characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, especially Windows of the high-rise residential wind is important. Wind is mainly look at window and door profiles, made of high quality aluminium profiles to create, and rigid strength and other indicators are good, in the face of heavy rain high winds, for household shelter.

2, aluminum Windows and doors of the watertight properties

Good water-tightness doors and Windows faced the storm hits, effectively block outdoor rainwater and keep the Interior dry. Generally good water tightness of the glazing with insulating glass, that is mounted between base glass insulating glass and mount capable of absorbing water sachets, prevent moisture entering.

3, aluminum Windows and doors of the gas tightness

Tightness is airtight performance of aluminium doors and Windows, with double or even triple layers of vacuum glass, combined with double rubber seals, aluminum doors and Windows both warm and windproof.

Rong Gao sliding door has always been adhering to the "pursuit of innovation" of the faith in order to meet consumer demand, continued to emerge. Rong Gao maintained a consistent and durable aluminum alloy doors and Windows in the door industry practical, quality-orientated style, in style, the style is a new breakthrough, Rong Gao aluminum products by popular favour and support.

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