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Analysis Of Common Problems In Production Of PVC Profile

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Sep 21, 2017

System control is to ensure the quality of PVC profile long-term stability of the key, it contains "formula quality, process quality, appearance quality, physical and chemical indicators" and other four projects, the first two are the first two terms and the basis of quality control and technical management The top priority.

The uniformity of the mixture of resin and additives and the apparent density of the mixture will have a greater impact on the impact strength of PVC. PVC processing temperature has a certain range, the temperature is too high, PVC easy to break down; temperature is too low, PVC plasticization is not sufficient, uneven dispersion of various components can also lead to increased brittleness. Host speed reflects the extruder on the role of PVC shear, the speed is too large, increased shear, will reduce the product's low temperature performance and welding angle strength. High molding pressure is conducive to improving the mechanical properties of profiles, especially low-temperature impact strength. Profile molding cooling effect is to stretch the macromolecule chain timely cooling stereotypes, to achieve product requirements. Slow cooling can make the macromolecule chain enough time to stretch, so that the internal stress is small, can reduce the product of warping, bending and contraction, thereby enhancing the impact strength of products and welding angle destructive force.


Discuss the formula can not be separated from raw materials. The quality of the formulation is not entirely dependent on the composition of the ingredients, depending largely on the intrinsic properties and quality of the feedstock. The same is a composite stabilizer, due to different internal components, because with other raw materials are not coordinated and affect the quality of profiles. Therefore, when discussing the formula, must be determined for each of the raw material models and manufacturers, only practical significance. The author of the Xinjiang Tianyue building materials company, has been using self-produced PVC resin, CPE Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. products, titanium dioxide use DuPont DuPont products, therefore, this article only discuss the composite stabilizer and increase Dose.

Composite stabilizer is the most important type of additives in PVC processing, all of the indicators of PVC profile have an impact. The composite stabilizer acts as both stabilizing and lubricating. Stabilization is to prevent the degradation of PVC molecules in the process of processing and use, so as to ensure that PVC profile can meet the mechanical properties required by doors and windows; internal and external lubricants with the impact of mobility and viscosity, thereby affecting the cold impact of PVC profile, , Dimensional change rate, post-heating state and surface finish.

At present, the face of raw material prices in full market prices, reduce the cost of the formula is a lot of manufacturers invariably choose, and reduce the cost of the formula there are two main ways: the use of lower prices of raw materials, such as the use of lower prices stabilizer, Agents, etc .; the use of extender, commonly used is the lower price of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate in addition to incremental cost reduction, but also has a stable size of the role; but with the increase in the amount of calcium carbonate, profiles of the intrinsic indicators decreased significantly.

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