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Better Urban Ultimately Road Barrier

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jan 15, 2016

Along with economic growth, road barrier with a long-term development of the city, in city traffic improved and civilized transportation has played a very important role. In order to better integrate The way is clear, the original four-lane dual carriageway into, easy to manage, set up road in the middle of the road barrier.

Road barrier: one is to stop vehicles running off road, or stop the runaway vehicle crossed the median into the opposite lane.

Road barrier: second, the trajectory of the vehicle crash and road barrier should be able to smooth the transition, so back to the normal direction of travel of vehicles and reduce the likelihood of secondary accidents.

Road barrier: the third, once unleashed, when a vehicle had collided with the guardrail, can reduce driver and passenger injury.

Road barrier: four is able to induce the driver's line of sight, can clearly see the road direction and shape of the path.

Color bright, and surface smooth, and strength high, and toughness strong, and resistance corrosion, and anti-UV, and not faded, and not cracking, and not crisp of of advantages, became most with decorative effect of road guardrail boutique, applies Yu City Road middle, clean spacious of street and bright beautiful of road guardrail, each other reflected Hui, built up a bright of landscape line, for we of city graced luster; let we high grade of city construction more Shang new steps.

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