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Code For Evaluation Of Collision Resistance Of Pvc Fence

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Oct 10, 2017

pvc fence crashworthiness is PVC Fence quality evaluation is an important aspect of good, pvc fence crash protection of the protection area can play a very important responsibility. The high quality pvc fence is made by Anping Yilong Art Railing Factory. The evaluation of the crashworthiness performance of the PVC Fence is as follows:

Construct well

Mainly from the perspective of construction and mechanics to measure the fence itself is not a suitable scale, adequate structural strength and outstanding mechanical functions, such as stiffness, deformation, fracture, energy absorption and dissipation capacity; is not to avoid pvc fence and its Parts harm personal safety; is not to avoid the vehicle through the fence or overturned on the fence.

Vehicle track

The vehicle track is a measure of whether the PVC Fence can effectively manipulate the vehicle. We hope that the vehicle track is the body should adhere to the vertical driving, do not cross or cross the PVC Fence, and after the bumps can be close to the fence sliding.

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