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Comparison Between PVC Fence And Wooden Guardrail

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jul 06, 2017

PVC Fence is the selection of high-quality PVC and special auxiliaries produced by the appearance of its high-grade PVC, steel pipe for the lining, so that the elegant appearance and tenacity of the inherent quality of the perfect combination. In the promotion of a new era of green environmental protection, is widely used in urban streets, parks, squares, schools, factories and family decoration, such as greening projects, products to brand and quality of hot sell all over the country, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries and regions.

PVC Fence in the connection of components, and other ordinary guardrail is completely different, ordinary guardrail most of the material is not rust, but because of the use of metal screws connection, is still easy to rust, which is its dead points; some non-PVC Fence with no metal (chemical) joints are not strong. New PVC Fence is different, the use of unique processing equipment, connecting the place to plastic connectors, add plastic hole cover, completely resolved the final rust point and not solid, is the true meaning of the never rust guardrail, and has no conductive and explosion-proof performance. The use of fully innovative mortise and tenon connection, so that the vertical bar and bars, rail and column connection to completely solve the common guardrail in the screw joints will still quickly rust the major shortcomings.

Wooden Guardrail:

1, Wood guardrail paint color easy to fall off not only affect beautiful and easy to corrode mildew.

2, wood easily cracked water seepage into cracks easily decayed.

3, Wood Guardrail product prices are low but the perennial need for timely maintenance, the cost is higher.

4, Wood Guardrail service life is lower, especially open-air fence cannot withstand the sun rain.

PVC Fence:

1, PVC Fence Lawn guardrail use of special PVC materials, environmental pollution-free corrosion-resistant strong, long durable never fade blister peeling cracking peeling.

2, PVC Fence Lawn guardrail socket-type connectors, pillar bars and important parts are galvanized steel lined with reinforced to make safety more secure.

3, PVC Fence lawn fence environmental protection, maintenance and high-end beautiful and durable, to display the noble and modern atmosphere for the city room to glorify luster, give you a new fashion concept.

4, PVC Fence Lawn guardrail installation is simple, fast, long service life, but the price and above traditional guardrail is not very different.

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