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Comparison Of Quality Of PVC Fence

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jul 18, 2017

PVC Fence material is mainly used PVC PVC resin, a variety of stabilizers, antioxidants and so on. Some fence is recycled material, it can not be called PVC rail column, column cap, pillar, PVC Fence usually there are lining steel, composed of a PVC fence, offer more than 100 to 300 posture, offer Per meter meter;

The existing railings manufacturers offer most of the offer per meter, every meter with no difference in the price per meter, but after each paragraph should be added to a column other calculations, usually a column with 1 Piece of the fence is a set, for example, a set of railing column to the next column is 2 meters, then 10 meters is 5 sets plus 1 column, calculate the money is 10 cents a meter +1 money column.

Here to introduce you to look at the quality of PVC Fence comparison:

1. Contrast profiles: the surface and cross-section of the color, wall thickness, texture High-quality profiles: color is correct, soft, smooth surface, good texture, a strong toughness, beautiful color long time does not fade Poor quality materials: Excessive use, rough surface, dark color, texture brittle, a short period of time will fade aging costs only high quality materials 1/3.

2. Comparison of lining steel wall thickness, surface and cross-section treatment process High-quality profiles: thickness is normal, uniform, surface and section rust and galvanized treatment in place low profile: thickness is not correct, rough surface, rust and plating treatment is poor.

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