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Daily Installation Steps And Precautions Of PVC Fence

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jul 06, 2017

PVC Fence is ubiquitous in our daily life. In some parks, some small flower beds, or some people in front of the courtyard, can see PVC Fence. But many people do not know what is called PVC Fence, in fact, the full name of this guardrail is called plastic steel guardrail, why do you call it? The guardrail looks like a plastic guardrail, but in its composition, it is added with steel bars. Now, let's look at how the PVC Fence is installed.

PVC Fence Installation Procedure Introduction:

1. PVC Fence is the addition of reinforced material, so in the process of installation is the need for column steel lining. In this process, it is necessary to unify the spacing design between the steel linings, so as to ensure the successful connection of semi-finished and prefabricated assemblies.

2. Following the horizontal, rigid guardrail installation, the steel liner installed in accordance with the isometric size of the connection, began to focus on the installation, mainly the installation of strengthening accessories. Strengthen the fittings must be installed in place, otherwise the guardrail is not withstand the wind and rain. And in the construction site, to be fixed well, guardrail and column connection between the need to be fixed.

3. PVC Fence before installation, it is necessary to carry out a solid foundation, because the guardrail is required to be fixed under the cement or under the soil. So in the installation of the guardrail, the bedrock must be solid. It is generally possible to use mechanical expansion plugs and chemical screws in such a manner as to fix. The main thing is to make the bottom of the steel lining of the column to a fixed, fixed is in the lower part of the base of the center of a straight line of uniform.

4. Adjust the benchmark, in the distance of the straight line, the whole paragraph pull, the upper and lower limit is the need for parallel lines. This will ensure that after installation, the upper and lower end of the guardrail is straight.

PVC Fence Note:

In the installation, if the foundation is unstable, or there is no lower base. The column steel lining can be buried inside the wall and buried deep. You can also choose to use the method of welding the column steel and embedded parts of a welding, so that the guardrail will be more solid, but this way installation must pay attention to the horizontal fence. And keep the guardrail in the same straight line.

PVC Fence installation steps and precautions have been explained, we finished after the installation? PVC Fence is a more common guardrail, now most of the guardrail are used PVC Fence, especially in the park garden. PVC Fence than ordinary plastic guardrail to more hard, and wooden guardrail than, it is not easy to be eroded, its service life is relatively long. PVC Fence design is also good, and its price is relatively cheap.

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