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Highlights Of The PVC Fence Products

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jan 15, 2016

Recently to, with road China city road construction of fast development, market on road guardrail products of requirements also increasingly high, past China of City Road exclusively of iron guardrail due to its surface uneven whole, easy rust, maintenance costs high congenital defects and gradually was market by eliminated, to wood, and plastic for main material of second generation of Nanjing guardrail products began widely of application Yu road guardrail engineering in the.

New PVC fence (Poly Vinyl young) on the surface of metal profile extrusion-coated vinyl plastic and plastic special-shaped material production process, to overcome the second generation of fence products coatings Peel, aging and other shortcomings, became the third generation of road barrier of typical products. New production bring unique products, PVC fence than in similar fence products has a large advantage in the following areas:

First of all, ornamental. Guardrail products manufacturers can not only provide a great deal of mode for users to choose, and can be customized according to the actual requirements of architects and developers, various specifications. And PVC fence with white, blue, green and mostly wood grain color, rich colors.

Secondly, high strength, high toughness. PVC fence can complete 100 kg pressure test, strength and toughness to be far superior to the average wood fence. Reasonable install column and horizontal rail fences that are resistant to 7-8 and winds.

Finally, the relatively long service life. PVC fence life for 15 years, can be up to 20 years.

Particularly worth mentioning is that contrast with iron fence, wood fence, PVC fence in the guaranteed service life limit, do not need to remove rust, paint, do not require special maintenance, and when it gets dirty with clean water and detergent is very easy to make it feel brand new. Ensures consistent ornamental effect.

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