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Hot Dip Galvanized Fence What Are The Characteristics?

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jan 15, 2016

Hot plating zinc guardrail of anti-corrosion years also very of long, was widely of using in power Tower, and railway, and communications tower and street rod, structure in the, guardrail of each part are is plating Shang zinc has of, regardless of is SAG at or is pointed angle at are can by full of protection, and hot plating zinc guardrail of plating zinc process also compared of convenient shortcut, can avoid installation in site shang by need of time, very of convenient

Hot-dip galvanized fence features:

1, Modular design, installation fast and easy

2, four-layer anti-corrosion treatment, the service life of more than ten years, effectively solve the long-standing barrier products, surface rust, chalking, cracking and other problems.

3, good decoration, rich colors, to meet different customers ' individual requirements for fence products.

4, environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment. Solution of ordinary building-product contamination problems.

5, good flexibility, high quality steel products steel and has better impact resistance of flexible barrier products.

6, good durability, resistance to salt spray and moisture and heat resistance, suitable for different areas of use.

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