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Hot Galvanized Steel Fence Five Characteristics

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jun 05, 2017

1, rust, corrosion --- zinc coating, zinc-rich phosphate layer, electrostatic coating has excellent anti-rust effect, zinc steel rails in harsh environments are generally guaranteed 30-50 years without rust;

2, weatherability strong --- electrostatic spraying process is the use of solid-state high-temperature curing powder, the powder performance is far more stable in the liquid paint (including paint) performance, so Galvanized Steel Fence have a good anti- UV function, in the long-term exposure to sunlight will not fade;

3, tamper - with anti-tamper accessories installed, tamper parts and pipe through the national technical department testing, the indicators are beyond the national standard;

4, rich colors --- rich colors to meet the designer in the railing embellishment in the individual needs, can achieve the car shell enamel effect (including imitation wood color, as long as you provide color palette we can produce color ).

5, feel fine, feel warm --- zinc steel rails surface can achieve smooth and matte finish two feel, can achieve the same color is not the same feeling, giving the building more features and emotions.

Galvanized Steel Fence quality by the following indicators to control, that is, the appearance of quality, zinc layer weight (zinc layer thickness), zinc layer uniformity, zinc layer adhesion and so on. Is as follows:

1. appearance quality

The surface of the galvanized component should have a uniform and complete coating, the same color, the surface has a practical smooth, not allowed to hang, drop tumor or redundant caking. Plating surface should be no leakage plating, exposed iron and other defects.

2 zinc layer weight

Due to the galvanizing process, the zinc layer on the surface of the steel guardrail can not be completely uniform. The general standard measures the amount of galvanized by two indicators: the average zinc adhesion M, the minimum zinc attraction Mmin. When the galvanized steel surface of the Galvanized Steel Fence is actually controlled, the average zinc content of these points is less than M, and the amount of galvanized at each point must be greater than Mmin.

3 Zinc layer uniformity

Galvanized Steel Fence, no leakage plating or post-plating damage. Generally with the provisions of the concentration of copper sulfate solution impregnated for a specified time, the number of times, the surface of the red copper deposits without copper.

4 zinc layer adhesion

The galvanized layer is firmly bonded to the base metal. Galvanized Steel Fence hot-dip galvanized, not just zinc liquid deposited in the steel fence surface. Steel immersed in a certain temperature of the zinc bath for some time, the steel surface reacts with the zinc liquid to form a zinc-iron alloy layer. Galvanized process to master the good, not only can achieve a certain amount of galvanized, but also to form a certain thickness of the zinc-iron alloy layer. The adhesion of the galvanized layer is generally checked by the hammering method. Hammering method not only provides a hammering height, hammering the placement of the pitch, but also provides the hammer material (hardness), hammer angle angle. These provisions make the results of the hammering test evaluable. Substandard hammer, substandard percussion method to make the result is not credible, can not play the role of evaluation.

Control of galvanized quality of these indicators are complementary, common role. Can not meet the requirements of a certain index to damage the other indicators at the expense of any indicator can not meet the requirements, will affect the Galvanized Steel Fence anti-corrosion effect, and the use of zinc steel barrier.

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