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How To Buy PVC Sliding Panel?

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jun 27, 2017

PVC Sliding Panel is good, high-quality aluminum plate plate flat, uniform color, and not easy to fade, coating adhesion, and can acid, alkali, salt, put a long time will not fade, maintenance also It is easy, if the surface attached to other things, as long as the water washed, it will be as bright as the new material layer of mutual bonding is very strong, even into the boiling water, there will not be the phenomenon of adhesive layer damage.

Aluminum slabs are light in weight, but they are very high in strength and can adapt to a variety of temperature variations: good molybdenum molybdenum does not contain harmful substances on the human body, and good flame resistance: aluminum buckle board can be sound insulation , Shock, and has a good processing performance from the decorative point of view, they are rich in color, clear lines, split angle clear.

Buy PVC Sliding Panel, some businessmen to ask for quality inspection reports and product certification, which can fundamentally avoid us to buy inferior products, of course, in order to buy high-quality products, but also rely on our eye.

1 PVC Sliding Panel appearance to be beautiful, that clean, no cracks and magnetic touch. In addition PVC Sliding Panel to be easy to disassemble, hand beat can hear the crisp sound, the board color is bright, the bottom plate color white Run.

2 in the choice, to carefully look at the packaging. If the packaging on the relevant information, such as factory name, address, telephone, it can basically determine the regular production of goods manufacturers. If the information is incomplete or not clear, do not buy.

3 force pinch board stems, and then force off, plate pinch constantly, then the rigid: board edge fold constantly, then the toughness of good. And, we can try to roll it straight. When the force pinch board side of the head when the buckle board does not break, indicating good performance.

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