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Proper Installation Using Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Fence

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jun 05, 2017

Hot-dip galvanized steel fence material is carbon structural steel, its mechanical properties and chemical composition of not less than GB / T700-1988 Q235 grade steel requirements, so it has good mechanical properties and impact resistance; surface zinc The layers are strongly bonded together with the substrate by hot-dip galvanizing with 0 # or 1 # zinc ingots. The product zinc layer uniform, smooth appearance, there is a certain decorative performance. But also with strong adhesion, high hardness, difficult to corrosive and so on.

1. appearance of the choice need to be more cautious; Galvanized Steel Fence in the choice of time, we will be more emphasis on appearance, Galvanized Steel Fence use more, choose a better style can be better to increase the use of the site of the aesthetic level Out of the unique practical application of the system.

2. For the quality of the column frame selection; in the effective hot-dip Galvanized Steel Fence purchase, we can better pay attention to the hot-dip galvanized railings column and the quality of the frame. Can be very good to achieve a special technical and practical features.

3. The quality of hot-dip galvanized railings is also the prerequisite for the choice of hot-dip Galvanized Steel Fence; in the hot Galvanized Steel Fence selection, the selection of quality is extremely important, and can help us to achieve more More useful life, but also very good practical advantages, the choice of the mesh has a vital role.

Hot galvanized railings and other fence is not the same, with a special equipment approach, in order to be more beautiful equipment, the latter part of the use of the consolidation, we give us the best equipment to prepare the process, these processes can be in the early equipment and late The use of us to bring more convenience.

1. Ready to work: first work desk one.

2. Always pay attention to the equipment wooden or plastic handrails.

3. Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Fence equipment Fixed vertical bar: the same scale bar on the operating table, there are waterproof side of the same direction.

4. Tighten the screws: tighten the screws clockwise with the matching screwdriver, so fix the vertical bar and the crossbar guardrail.

5. Hot-dip galvanized wall equipment on the lower card: the big card for the upper card, small chuck for the next card. Place the fixed vertical bar (demand screw hole) from the opposite side of the waterproof pad into the crossbar.

6. Hot-dip galvanized wall equipment General vertical bar: the bottom of the two vertical holes in the direction of the vertical bar pierced into the bar. First installed on the card. Place the clip U-shaped side into the vertical bar.

7. Equipment protection grab: the bar according to the length of the classification placed in the cross-hole on the side of the device PTE anti-cutting.

The correct installation using hot-dip galvanized railings is not only beautiful but also strong!

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