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PVC Fence City Modern Home Rise

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jan 15, 2016

PVC fence can be divided into several categories: PVC privacy fence, PVC isolation barrier, green fence, PVC PVC balcony guardrail.

Compared to the traditional materials and guardrail, advantages of new PVC fence is highly visible, it is environment friendly, beautiful, new, tough and durable, maintenance-free advantages. According to the operation of this new type of guardrail business agencies, PVC fence is high-quality PVC and special additives, using a unique formula and specialization of production technology, in line with the anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, colorfast, dustproof, antistatic, flame retardant, UV-resistant, maintenance-free and other special requirements. Meanwhile, is lined with metal pillars, high intensity, no rust, longer life. Some manufacturers also seeks to diversify and elegant in design. This PVC fence is not only easy to install, easy maintenance, easy to clean, and economical and practical, eliminating maintenance.

PVC fence Essentials

1.PVC fence posts can be either dug pits with concrete fixed or can be fixed with anchors directly on the concrete floor. Fence post adopts private-Tenon connection. No ordinary screws and nails.

2. as with other outdoor products, PVC fence can become dirty, but not rust like steel rails, brush painting. Regular water and detergent to clean can be beautiful like new. Use a soft brush or soda water, but avoid scrape or wipe surface of PVC fence with a hard object.

3.PVC privacy fence, PVC isolation fence, PVC green fence have no clear space requirements (General spacing between 12cm-15cm), PVC balcony guardrail according to relevant regulations of the State requirements for the production and processing

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