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PVC Fence Origin, Advantages And Details!

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Sep 21, 2017

PVC fence full name is pvc steel fence; its "plastic", said the only lack of plastic is its poor stiffness. Therefore, in the assembly structure, in the plastic structure within the wind load requirements of lining steel for stiffeners to make up for its lack, so called steel rails.


1, without paint and maintenance, long and not old, eliminating the maintenance of your tired and trouble, the lowest overall cost.

2, the production of simple and quick installation, the use of patented wear-type connection or a proprietary connection accessories to install, greatly improving the installation efficiency.

3, variety specifications, a variety of styling any of your choice, both European and American style and today's fashion, 尽显 noble and modern beauty.

4, safe, environmentally friendly, harmless to people (animals), even if the accidentally touched the fence will not like steel, iron fence as wounding.

5, the guardrail cavity with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy to enhance, with sufficient strength and impact resistance, so that PVC fence both the strength of steel and PVC beautiful.

6, the use of special formula and special UV absorber, do not fade, not yellow, not peeling, no cracking, no blistering, no moth, the service life of up to 30 years.

widely used in:

Urban roads, real estate, development zones, residential areas, gardens and various types of enterprises and institutions of the landscaping and safety protection works.

1. PVC fence with what material manufacturing?

It is somewhat similar to PVC steel doors and windows, but the performance is much better. It is a special PVC profiles as a main component of a composite material. Its main material components are imported from abroad to ensure sufficient strength and weather resistance for the fence. PVC is a non-toxic, harmless, energy saving and recyclable green material.

2. PVC fence how to make?

PVC fence from the profiles, injection molded parts, in a few occasions also need to use aluminum, through a special method of connecting the tenon made. The manufacture of the profile is similar to the cake making process. First, more than ten kinds of raw materials are mixed thoroughly, and then processed at the appropriate temperature and time; and then the reinforcing material is sealed in the profile and connected as a guardrail. Reinforcing material and the atmosphere is isolated, the company developed a new type of PVC rails will not rust anywhere.

3. PVC fence will be yellow?

The product will not be yellowed, because a large number of imported light, heat stabilizers and UV absorbers are added throughout the section.

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