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PVC Fence Own Innate Function

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Oct 25, 2017

PVC Fence to the characteristics of hot-dip galvanized steel, the surface and then through special treatment, so the air pollution in the city or sea salt corrosion of the coastal areas, can feel at ease to use, to solve your maintenance worries. With a beautiful, streamlined appearance, soft colors, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, can integrate modern urban space design and natural environment, so you leisurely; with practical, the surface after a special process to form a permanent protective film, smooth and smooth , Never rust, clean and convenient, without maintenance; also has the comfort, overlooking the distance, enjoy the beauty, to provide you with a comfortable, safe platform security, high-strength hot-dip materials, high frequency electrostatic seamless Welding technology into a tube, and after a unique design, one molding, safe and no solder joints, the overall strength greatly improved.

PVC fence itself has an innate function, that is safe. And with the evolution and evolution of the fence, has been developed to retractable fence. And this way the roadblock to a certain extent, to solve the security risks.

The current application of the fence is mainly in the traffic control, and its pvc fence automation birth and development, in fact, is also contributed by three factors:

The first factor is the use of it to be effective in urban traffic control, automatic roadblocks controlled by hydraulic control of metal cylinders, with a strong impact and impact capacity. They can be set on the road to control traffic and parking management. Automatic roadblocks provide a holistic solution for replacing the roadblocks, railings, chains and other fixed roadblocks, and effectively solve the problem of controlling the parking at the junction. Automatic roadblocks have a versatile purpose: set up pedestrian street at peak times or restrict access to vehicles.

The second factor is good safety performance: pvc guardrail has a strong impact and impact capacity, applied to some sensitive areas: embassies, consulates, government agencies, banks and so on.

The third factor is good maneuverability: the biggest advantage is that the pvc fence does not change the layout of the original space, thanks primarily to its flexibility and the ability to hide.

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