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PVC Fence Reached An Unexpected Structure

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:May 10, 2017

PVC Fence formula on the basis of the introduction of technology, combined with China's climate conditions, fence culture background, etc. for the fence profile weathering performance has been greatly improved, tested and evaluated to achieve an unexpected structure, the weather resistance , Corrosion resistance is higher than steel, iron, wood fence. And the daily maintenance costs, maintenance costs are lower than them.

PVC Fence process

Testing and acceptance of raw and auxiliary materials before storage - formula weighing - high-speed physical mixing modification treatment - low-speed cooling after modification treatment - twin-screw extrusion - cooling stereotypes - Traction quantitative length cutting - appearance of the appearance of the size of the test - the product of aerobic physical properties of the experiment - product storage flow under the assembly process.

Equipment is mainly used for the production of PVC rails, replace the head mold can also produce PVC pipe. PVC Fence is PVC as the main raw material, supplemented by additives, after extrusion plastic molding, the formation of nine different shapes of the shape of the profile, after cutting assembly, the production of various fence.

Such as: fence fence, road fence, lawn guardrail, flower pot rack, pavilion, leisure pavilion and so on. Pattern modeling varied, colorful, economical and practical, is a broad market prospects for new materials products.

PVC Fence features

1.PVC Fence with high strength of PVC extruded raw materials, connecting parts using PVC injection of raw materials. Smooth surface, touch, bumps can not be injured.

2. Does not rust, do not need to paint, corrosion resistance, so greatly reduce the cost of routine maintenance, thus avoiding the pollution of the environment.

3.pvc guardrail style and diverse, to meet the different aesthetic, simple style, eye-catching bright.

4. The structure of the product and the node has a fixed screw and assembled two, simple and reliable assembly. Compared with the railings of the metal, the processing speed is quick, the date of delivery is short, the installation is simple and the cost is low.

5. Product simple and neat, with the style of modern civilization, but too much publicity elements of fashion, reflecting the elegant modern environment and civilization. The product is mainly white, bright, high pressure. The following are the same as the "

6. To undertake the structure, simple and quick, with good node strength, structural rationality, controllability and quality of life are conducive to large-scale production and product standardization.

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