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PVC Fence Safety / Environmental Protection / Guaranteed

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jun 27, 2017

PVC fence is the use of spray shield for anti-corrosion treatment, the method is wrapped in the surface of the solder sheet extrusion B plastic and plastic profiles of the production process, the selection of high-quality PVC and a large number of special additives from vulcanization, The use of independent intellectual property rights with the unique formula and professional production process, so that products and cast iron, wood, stone and other ordinary barrier compared to anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high strength, no rust, beautiful and elegant, long life, Maintenance-free and many other advantages.

1, PVC fence manufacturing methods

PVC fence from the profiles, injection molded parts, in a few occasions also need to use aluminum, through a special method of connecting the tenon made. The manufacture of the profile is similar to the cake making process. First, more than ten kinds of raw materials are mixed thoroughly, and then processed at the appropriate temperature and time; and then the reinforcing material is sealed in the profile and connected as a guardrail. Reinforced material and the atmosphere is isolated, the company developed a new type of PVC fence any part of the body will not rust.

2, the user use the PVC barrier design of the wind resistance

The guardrail is designed to withstand the general wind load, and the magnitude of the wind load depends on the installation of the column and the horizontal bar and the type of guardrail. The sparse barrier of the bar is best against wind loads. According to the instructions required to install, the fence will be able to resist the normal wind load, the company's products through specialized agencies, anti-wind load capacity qualified.

3, pvc fence with steel doors and windows used in some similar materials, but the performance is much better. It is a special PVC profiles as a main component of a composite material. Its main material components are imported from abroad to ensure that the fence has sufficient strength and weatherability because PVC is a non-toxic, harmless, energy efficient and recyclable green material.

4, in the winter PVC plastic rails will break it?

In the winter PVC peach pillar isolation barrier will be broken, if according to corporate standards for soft and hard impact test; balcony railing according to BOCA, ICB0, SBCCI or NES and other international authority of the test institutions to carry out the load test. Can withstand the general impact, but still according to the company's installation instructions for the correct installation. Such as due to unexpected major blows and rupture, but also very easy to replace. Please note that it is a lifetime warranty.

5, PVC fence winter will be brittle?

Most of the PVC fence in the cold when the soft performance is reduced, but unless the abnormal blow, in the cold when the PVC will not break, cracking. The design of this product to adapt to China's south and north around the weather changes. Northeast and South China use recipes will be different.

6, long time to use PVC fence appearance will be yellow

Some customers worry that the PVC fence will be yellow for a long time, in fact, this product is not yellowing, because the entire profile section has joined a large number of imported light, heat stabilizer and UV absorber.

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