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Pvc Fence Two Fixed Ways

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Oct 10, 2017

The installation of the PVC Fence has two different ways of fixing, namely buried and welded. I plant is a multi-year production experience with the pvc fence regular manufacturers, through the production of technical means of continuous progress, the production of PVC Fence quality, favored by customers.

The advantages of embedded fence: high strength, strong, easy installation, saving installation costs;

Advantages of welded rails: easy installation, no need to consider the horizontal line and straight line, but the basis for the installation of the ground is relatively high, strong plane in a horizontal line.

With the continuous improvement of production technology, pvc fence in our lives more and more widely used. The use of the pvc fence for our life has brought many conveniences and played an irreplaceable role, so the application of pvc fence products by the people's favorite

pvc fence full name is pvc steel fence, in the use of paint without spraying, is a green fence products. pvc fence from the selection, production and processing to surface treatment are used non-toxic harmless raw materials, not only can play the role of isolation protection, its beautiful shape and color can also play a very good decorative effect. pvc fence does not require daily maintenance cleaning, greatly saves the maintenance of the trouble, the overall cost is low. pvc fence can be recycled for recycling, but also greatly saves the cost, but also to prevent the waste of resources, is a high-quality green protection products.

pvc fence variety, different shapes, both European and American style and fashion wind, the surface after a special treatment, to absorb ultraviolet light, do not fade, not yellow, not skin, no cracking, the service life of 30 years, A wide range of security protection products.

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