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Technical Knowledge Of PVC Fence

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jul 18, 2017

Here to introduce the technical knowledge of pvc fence:

Pvc fence formula on the basis of the introduction of technology, combined with China's climate conditions, fence culture background, etc. for the fence profile weathering performance has been greatly improved, tested and evaluated to achieve an unexpected structure, the weather resistance , Corrosion resistance is higher than steel, iron, wood fence. And the daily maintenance costs, maintenance costs are lower than them.

The same time as the above-

Pvc fence process: raw and auxiliary materials before the storage inspection, acceptance - formula weighing - high-speed physical mixing modified processing - low-speed cooling modified after the stereotypes - twin-screw extrusion - - Cooling Forming - Tracting - Dimensional Dimension Inspection - Appearance of the aerobic physical properties of the product - product storage flow under the assembly process.

Here we introduce the uniqueness of pvc fence:

  1, pvc fence do not need as steel fence as rust, paint. Often washed with water and detergent can be beautiful as new.

The same time as the above-

2, pvc fence can not be anti-painted, but most of the paint can be easily removed, washed with water, solvent or 400 # water sandpaper, can remove the paint.

The same time as the above-

3, pvc is self-extinguishing material, if the PVC fence fire burning, only need to remove the fire, the fire is self-extinguishing

The same time as the above-

4, PVC Fence will not be yellowing, because the entire profile section has joined a large number of imported light, heat stabilizer and UV absorber.

The same time as the above-

5, pvc fence will be dirty, but the water and detergent + detergent enough to make it clean as new. It can also be washed with soft brush or alkaline water. Avoid scraping or rubbing the PVC fence surface with a hard object.

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