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Why Privacy Fence Uses Zinc-steel Better?

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jan 15, 2016

Through these kinds of environments, we can analyze the privacy fence the environment corrosiveness to metals are particularly strong. And his strength to good enough to cope with deteriorating climatic conditions now, strength, starting with wind, so in this environment must use strength, corrosion-resistant special materials to produce. Steel fence it is characteristic of the first UV-resistant, for Sun, rain's immune system strong. Overgrown with weeds, hot and humid climate of the environment also has a strong adaptability.

The fittest, so steel rails in such circumstances, the service life is long. It will not be as easy as the iron fence pierced. Not easily blown off like a PVC fence. Not soon broken up like a stainless steel rails. Applicability of the steel fence was so good, mainly its skeleton is used in high strength and high toughness of hot-dip galvanizing of steel, while indicating that the is 220 ° high temperature curing of polyurethane powder. Urethane powder coatings are UV-resistant, weather resistant, aging and cracking characteristics unmatched by many paints, such as strong, then you know why privacy fence with steel Rails did better? I believe you already have the answer.

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