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Why Steel Fence Affordable?

Edit:Linqu Lianginyishu Guardrail Co.,Ltd      Date:Jan 15, 2016

Steel guardrail outside plating layer of steel was called steel guardrail, zinc galvanized steel guardrails guardrails appearance was for a reason. If the inner and outer walls are coated with a layer of barrier zinc, will enhance barrier function, is a steel guardrail in the rain and not likely to corrode in the scouring process, not easily rust. Steel guardrail protection against rust, corrosion protection function make it function continues to extend.

According to steel guardrails difficult to rust, corrosion characteristics, steel fence is not only a wide range of application in indoors and outdoors are also widely used. Zinc steel guardrail of excellent of anti-corrosion sex makes it instead of has plastic raw materials of downspouts in outdoor of using, put plastic raw materials of downspouts into zinc steel guardrail can makes downspouts of days get corresponding of extends, reduced downspouts of Exchange speed also to using who save has funds, and also reduced has repeatedly Exchange downspouts of trouble, can to you save more of when, for you of livelihoods supply more big of Bento. Zinc steel guardrail profile of base material for high temperature hot dip zinc information, hot dip zinc is refers to put quality steel input thousands of degrees of zinc liquid pool in the, soaking up must moments future zinc liquid on will penetration to steel in the, makes of constitute a special of zinc steel alloy, hot dip zinc information appearance not by any disposal in field environment in the can up 30 years not rust, as: Highway guardrail, and high pressure electric tower are is selection high warm dip zinc information, its rust up 30 years of long, completely solution has years rust, and beautiful and security Zhijian of problem.

Zinc steel balcony railing accessories selection of service life up to 50 year high strength engineering modification of nylon, its strength and hardness than ordinary steel materials, acceptable pressures above 183MPA per square metre, the tensile force of 2729MPA, the acceptable 220 ℃ high temperature deformation and strength.

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